Madurez Profetica por John O'Shaughnessy

Madurez Profetica por John O'Shaughnessy

Titulo del libro : Madurez Profetica
Fecha de lanzamiento : March 3, 2015
Autor : John O'Shaughnessy
Número de páginas : 32

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John O'Shaughnessy con Madurez Profetica

How does someone mature in their prophetic gifting? Does it happen overnight? Are their different stages in prophetic development?
My wife, Caryl, and I have been involved in prophetic ministry and prophetic mentoring since 1994. We share some of our personal stories with you and life experiences with you.
God has each of us on a slightly different journey into our prophetic destiny. My journey will look different God has for you, and your journey will more than likely be different than what He has for other people in your church.
However, even though our paths might look different, some general rules and principles apply concerning how we mature in the prophetic. These guidelines and principles will be discussed.

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