Curso Básico KNX por KNX Association

Curso Básico KNX por KNX Association

Titulo del libro : Curso Básico KNX
Fecha de lanzamiento : May 11, 2015
Autor : KNX Association
Editor : KNX Association

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KNX Association con Curso Básico KNX

Higher demands placed on the security, flexibility and convenience of electrical installations combined with the need to minimize energy requirements have led to the development of home and building management systems.

The KNX technology is the result of the pooling of knowledge and experience gained over the last 25 years with the predecessor technologies to KNX, i.e. the European Installation Bus (EIB), the European Home System (EHS) and BatiBUS.

The skilful application of KNX requires sound knowledge of all persons involved. Training measures are therefore required towards:
• Selection of bus devices and installation material;
• fields of application and main applications of the KNX bus system;
• selection of the bus topology in view of the construction of the building and the desired functionalities;
• planning of the to be installed bus system;
• Installation, thereby taking into account the relevant regulations (e.g. lightning protection, electromagnetic compatibility, etc.);
• Commissioning and servicing of KNX installations.

The January 2015 edition of the KNX Basic Course Documentation gives you an in-depth overview of all the above listed points. In-depth information about Security, HVAC control with KNX… can be found in the document “KNX Advanced Course Documentation” which is published separately.

This Basic Course Documentation (with successful concluding exam) is the basis for KNX Partnership. Courses are organised by more than 300 certified training centres around the world.